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Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work

Episode Summary

Realogy Franchise Group CEO and President Sue Yannaccone discusses diversity and inclusion in the real estate industry.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the first episode of Explore Expert Conversations, brought to you by Realogy. Every episode, host Matthew Ferrara will speak with leaders across Realogy brands and the real estate industry at large, getting high-level advice for brokers, agents, and investors around the world. On this very first episode, Matthew speaks with Sue Yannaccone, President and CEO of Realogy Franchise Group, about diversity in the industry. Hear Sue discuss how she fell in love with the industry at a young age and how her wide range of experience in real estate has prepared her for her role at Realogy. Listen as Sue discusses home ownership as a means of wealth-building, and how groups of people have historically been excluded from that opportunity. The pair speak about cultivating inclusion in the workplace, and Sue explains why true diversity is more than checking a box, giving concrete examples listeners can start implementing today. Plus, hear about Sue’s campaign, What Moves Her, to support women in the industry elevating their careers, empowering their communities and supporting one another’s success. Hit play and enjoy this episode of Explore Expert Conversations from Realogy.

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