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Reputation is Everything

Episode Summary

President of Corcoran Affiliates, Stephanie Anton, speaks about reputation and the impact of recruiting the right people in the real estate business.

Episode Notes

Welcome to a new episode of Explore Expert Conversations, brought to you by Anywhere Real Estate Inc. Today, host Matthew Ferrara speaks with President of Corcoran Affiliates, Stephanie Anton, about the impact of reputation in the real estate industry. Stephanie discusses how to get all the different people involved in a brokerage on the same page, and touches on the importance of knowing the core values by which you want to run your business. The pair speak about the importance of agents to your reputation and how in real estate, the community’s perception of you is everything. Hear Stephanie’s tips for attracting the right people and determining your company’s values, and listen as the duo explain how Anywhere’s reputation enhances the Corcoran brand. Don’t miss out on this fascinating episode of Explore Expert Conversations from Anywhere Real Estate.

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