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State of the Luxury Market with AREAA: Real Estate Expert Series

Episode Summary

Matthew Ferarra hosts a panel on the state of the luxury market with the Asian Real Estate Association of America.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to Explore Expert Conversations, brought to you by Realogy. Today, Matthew Ferrara hosts an exciting panel in partnership with the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) exploring the latest report on the perception of luxury among Asian American communities. Panelists Jamie Tian, Herman Chan, Dylan Nguyen, and Jade Mills discuss what makes the Asian American community unique within the luxury market and what trends brokers can apply to their local market to strengthen engagement within the high-end market. Listen as the panelists speak about why technology is a necessity in engaging with Asian clients, as well as the importance of cultural awareness and representation. Plus, hear how top brokers are growing their business by connecting luxury perceptions with Asian American buyers and creating opportunities for their agents. We hope you enjoy this fascinating discussion on Explore Expert Conversations from Realogy.

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